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Give Your Readers a Chance to Win "to die for" Products that Daytime Emmy Celebs Go Wild Over

Palm Springs, CA  June, 2004 ‹ What kind of product could entice both the men and women of daytime television? Beauty that¹s skin deep, of course.

Get the inside scoop on what the most distinguished names of daytime television said as they sprayed and rubbed the Pure & Simple skincare line into their hands and faces. Let Company founder, Sally Peoples, entertain your audiences with great quips and stories from the stars.

In fact, as the celeb photos show, it was the men who appeared to have the most fun with this skincare line. They were more than happy to cart home the products for themselves. Meanwhile, the female celebs took note of how easily the anti-aging Swiss Collagen penetrated their skin and how the Collagen Solar Spray (SPF 25) "even smelled like the sand and sun".  

For example, Lorenzo Lamas of Bold & Beautiful wanted the sunscreen for his motorcycle rides. "And the answer isŠ Pure & Simple," said Jeopardy host, Alec Trebek, who was delighted to find a solution to the drying effects of coast-to-coast flying that wouldn¹t mess up his golf grip! 

Among the many delighted women of daytime, Meredith Vieira from The View and Deidre Hall of DOOL couldn¹t wait to go home and try the Collagen. Sally also gave Deidre¹s co-star, Drake Hogestyn, an extra gift bag for his daughter, an avid show jumper (Sally Peoples is retired from the sport and now actively supports young riders).  

We know your readers will love the chance to win one of the gift bags, identical to those given to the stars! Also check out for an example of the celebrity photos you will be able to use for publication with your Pure & Simple feature giveaway.

Bio note: Sally People is a former equestrian in the North American show circuit and a licensed cosmetic and make-up artist who also authored a book on skincare and make-up. Her husband and business partner, John, is a former professional racecar driver. 

Sally can also address how:

1) Aging Baby Boomers spark new trends in the cosmetics industry.

2) We can combine the desire to simplify life with the obsession to live longer and look younger.

3) Women are recognizing the increased interest by men too look as young as they feelŠ including stories of catching their man "borrowing" their Swiss Collagen Fluid and Collagen Solar Spray.

4) Husbands and wives can work and live harmoniously together as Sally as John are forerunners of another emerging trend  couples in business.

5) To mentor others to build the business of their dreams (Sally and John provide both inspiration and practical suggestions and stories of those they have mentored.)

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